About Phelix

Phelix Research & Development  is a charity registered in England and Wales with the Charity Number 1156666 (under the Charity Commission regulation and supervision.

Phelix France is an ‘Association d’Interet General’ registered in France under the RNA Number W751223662 (regulated by the French Law). 

Phelix Research & Development and Phelix France (Phelix) are co-partnerships of healthcare professionals (Practitioners, Immunologists and University Researchers, amongst them Leicester University) and volunteers.
The main objective is to research the nature, cases, diagnoses, prevention, treatment and cure of infectious diseases; thus protecting and promoting the health of the general public. The charity currently supports research on bacteriophages for chronic infections. It includes the research and development of diagnostic tests, prevention treatments and ultimately, the cure of antibiotic resistant infectious diseases.

These phages will also be used to develop new and more sensitive diagnostic tests for such chronic infections.

Phelix will use a variety of means to the fulfillment its mission objectives, in particular:
Funding relevant research programs (e.g. the Collaborative Research Agreement with Leicester University),
Organizing fund-raising events to support our research objectives,
Organizing scientific meetings, educational programs and training courses in the relevant scientific domains,
Promoting interdisciplinary and international research synergy by financing exchanges between concerned laboratories,
More generally Phelix will undertake these and various associated activities to serve the public health interests by facilitating the advancement of scientific research in the domain of chronic infectious diseases.


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